Season's Change...

Ok, so just when we get a plan the plan changes.

I am sitting in Florida at my parents house, Alex is at the bar working on Algebra, Adam and Julia are playing with Legos having finished their morning lessons. Ande is in NC doing some extra drill days. We are homeless, and unemployed. Except we have parents that love us. Ande is living alone at his parents house, struggling to buy his own groceries and make his own meals & coffee. I am here with my stepmom and we are leaning on one another. Enjoying the Florida sunshine.

So I have two options, I can either sit here and pitch a fit, yell & scream at God, or I can just look around and see what is going on. First of all, Ande and I are now mobile. Everything we own is in storage. We are half here in FL and half there in NC but either place can be packed up and moved without much ado. For some reason this seems to be very obvious to me. Who knows why. The kids and I are enjoying the summer fun here in FL despite the fact it's midOctober. We spent the day at the beach yesterday. I need to remember to send some of those pics here to blogger.

No big epiphany's lately. Just trudging along. Not asking questions, just moving forward. Enjoying the slower pace of life. Despite the fact I miss my friends, and my husband I am pretty content in this moment. Maybe it's the coffeehouse station on XM radio that's doing that though.

Hope you all are blessed in your thinking today!