About Me

Daughter of God, Wife of a Soldier & my Hero, Homeschool Momma, Sister, Friend, Aunt, Florida girl, computer geek, Starbucks addict, theology student, crunchy conservative... Blogger!

At least that's my standard answer.  It about sums it up.

I love to write about my daily life, the reconciliation of my heart to my Redeemer, the craziness of my husband going active duty army in his late 30's.  I have three of the most awesome kids in the world, and 2 of the best dogs.

I love the word of God, LOVE it.  I am continuing my education in theology.  I love to dig into lexical Greek and Hebrew because I have love of the languages and love to know what the bible says to me.

I am a crunchy conservative, which in JL (JenniLee) terms means: I believe in the constitution of the United States of America as it is written.  I am a pro-lifer because I have had 2 abortions and I know what it does to a young woman.  I believe in freedom, because Jesus died for it and my husband is willing to. I believe the entire book of Genesis to be true.  I believe that God gave us dominion over this earth and that we are to be good stewards over it. I don't buy into Mother Nature, but Father God ROCKS!

I homeschool not because my children were getting a bad education in public school... but because I thought I could give them a better one.  I am not academically driven, I am biblically driven.  My homeschool philosophy is more character based than curriculum based.   I love to read the entire books of the bible with my children.

I love Christian Rock music, but I am a southern girl by birth that loves country music as well.  I love my friends... they are some of the best ever.  Because that's just how I roll.  I love being called Aunt Jen, it always makes me smile.

I thank you for reading my blog.  I hope that you find my journey an inspiration to always keep moving towards the cross... even when you fall and cut up your knees along the way.

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