Mobile home schooling

One of the greatest challenges of any mother is keeping up with laundry. So when my less than 5 year old Kenmore front loaders quit working I had to get creative with time management. Welcome to Village Cafe... And where we hold class on laundry mat day.


Emmi Lou Who!

Playing with the baby.


26 Days and counting...

I spent the day cleaning out my closet... what an adventure that can be. I know why I am not a collector, I am a thrower-awayer because let's face it I am not the most organized mom in the world. I am a little on the slob side... not like dirty slob but like... clutter slob. I always have more important things to do than to rehang the outfit I decided not to wear kind of slob. Just pitch it in the top of the closet kind of slob. I have more shoes than the local shoe store in town...they tend to crawl out of my closet and never quite make it back into the closet. All of my daily wearers (like my fav 6 pairs) are on my side of the bed which isn't anywhere close to the closet, and when that accumulation gets too big I tend to just toss them haphazardly over my bed into the general direction of my closet. I know, I know. My parents tried, they really did. I am married to a military man... He exudes organization & perfection. I exude spontaneity & creativity and am in constant demand ;) and have little time for such tedious tasks.

I am just being honest here. We all have out quirks. That whole cleanliness is next to godliness thing... I am so glad that isn't a direct quote out of the Bible. Because Lord knows... I don't have that gene. I don't know how I missed it but boy I don't have it.

My husbands family are "collectors". I missed that gene too. Not to say that there aren't some material things that have sentimental value... but not every material thing. I have the rocking chair that my Dad bought my Mom when she was pregnant with me, my grandmother's china and her upright mirror... my mother in laws china cabinet. My husband has every Mustang Monthly printed since 1986, as well as JP magazines... Chilton manuals for every vehicle we have ever owned in the last 15 years. What he values and what I value are very different. I am a read once and donate unless it was life changing kind of girl. He is a keep in case anyone we ever come into contact with wants to read it kind of guy. He can't help it. It is how he was raised. He is a cataloger.

So what happens when slob meet neat freak, and thrower-awayer meets "collector". In a word... lightning. I find it excruciating because I want to sell or donate 80% of our belongings. He wants to ship 25% to our next post, sell 10% to appease me, and store the remaining 65% for the next 15 years until he retires. It takes what should be a simple process and makes it a huge project. ARGH!!!

Time is running out... let's get this ball a rollin'!!

My blue eyed Cole...

I have my eyes on you Aunt Jen!


My heart is dry but I'm still singing!

Sometimes in life there is just no going back. God puts us on a track and no matter how much we may want to run in the opposite direction we are already committed. We have given him the power, the dominion, in our lives. What a blessing. Really. Think about that... we have committed and He is committed and there is no undoing a covenant with God. He is so faithful.

Today, today I am just full of gratitude. For a Lord and a King that walks beside me through it all. When the poo is flying He gently reminds me, they threw it at me too. Persecution? I eat persecution for breakfast. Leaving everything you have known... I walked on the earth, I gave up my everything so that you too could share in my inheritance. Unto death. Lord, I can walk here because you have lead the charge. My feet seem so clumsy on your path. But, walk with you I will.